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Fabek-gép Ltd. was established in November 2003, in accordance with the economical requirements of that time. Founder members are Katalin Megyeri Fábiánné M.D. and Mr. László Fábián, executive director, owner.

The company has its own site in Kossuth út 129, Hort, Hungary. Primarily, we operate on the field of secondary tooling machine market. I started tooling machine business in 1992 as an individual entrepreneur and I continue to this day. We work all over Hungary.

We undertake reparation, installation of machines with professionals or with subcontractors.
We take on purchase on request, including conventional and CNC machines as well.

As the Hungarian representative of Italian Tecno Piú Ltd. Company, we introduce new products in safety technology developed for tooling machines that meet EU safety standards.

I welcome all visitors to our site,

Best regards:

László Fábián
executive director
+36 20 941-1634